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Calling All Musicians - Exciting Opportunity at Our Lively Pub!

We're thrilled to invite talented musicians and bands to perform at our vibrant pub venue. Get ready to captivate our lively crowd and create unforgettable memories together. Here are the details:

Pay and Profit-Sharing

  • £200 retainer fee

  • Plus 5% of all sales from 6pm till end of night (excluding VAT)

  • Minimum total pay of £250 even on quieter nights

  • Potential for much higher earnings, up to £400-£450 on very busy nights with large crowds and popular bands


Start Times and Parking

  • Bands to start at 8:30pm and finish by 11pm with a break in between

  • Arrive between 6:30-7pm for quick setup

  • Park vehicles in front of pub for loading/unloading

  • Staff will guide you to overnight parking (£1 flat fee) at nearby council car park


Sound and PA System

  • Bands are free to use our equipment or bring their own

  • Excellent PA with wall-mounted speakers in optimal locations

  • 8 channel mixer (5 XLR inputs)

  • 2 monitors

  • Gretsch Catalina club drum kit

  • Full size Yamaha electric piano

  • Vocal mics, XLR cables, stands, accessories

  • Let us know if you need assistance with sound setup


We're committed to supporting local music talent and providing a platform for your artistry to shine. Perform at our vibrant venue and let your talents captivate our audience. We look forward to hosting you and creating an unforgettable musical experience together.


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